1. February, 2023

Homeopathic globules are medicines which are prepared by pharmacists according to the instructions of a valid Pharmacopoeia. The production of homeopathic medicines depends on the original substance used for a homeopathic medicine. The most frequent users of homeopathic medicines are adults or children with health problems that could not be treated with a currently available pharmacotherapy or medical procedure: frequent ear, bladder, or eye inflammation, as well as allergies like recurrent allergic rhinitis and food intolerances, pharyngeal inflammation, in cases where avoiding side effects is desired such as with migraine, benign painful joint and spine problems, as well as stomach, intestinal and especially bowel problems. The same goes for health problems for which no specific therapy is available, as with viral skin disease like molluscum contagiosum, unspecified benign vertigo, problems with appetite, isolated sleeplessness, hyperactivity in children, pregnancy symptoms and cases in which palliative care is indicated. People who are disappointed with the results of pharmacotherapy for chronic diseases often resort to homeopathic treatment as well.

The substances used to produce homeopathic medicines may be from plants, animals or minerals. If the initial substance is a plant, for instance Calendula officinalis, a mother tincture is prepared. This is then potentised, which means it is diluted and succussed repeatedly. To prepare a solution of D1 potency, approximately one part of the mother tincture is diluted with nine parts of solvent and succussed vigorously. To prepare a solution of C1 potency, one part of the mother tincture is diluted with 99 parts of solvent and then succussed. The process is continued by taking one part of the D1 solution, adding 9 parts of solvent and succussing, thus a D2 solution is prepared. For the preparation of a C2 potency, one part of the C1 is diluted in 99 parts of solvent and then succussed. This process is then repeated as many times as needed to reach the desired D or C potency. The final solution is then poured over the blank homeopathic granules and dried, thus rendering the prepared potency as an administrable homeopathic medicine. If repeating the process with the initial Calendula officials mother tincture 6 times (a repetition of dilution 1:10 or 1:100 and succussion 6 times), a homeopathic medicine of Calendula officials in D6 or C6 potency is prepared.

For insoluble minerals such as Silica, an initial trituration with lactose is performed until the mixture is soluble and then continued with the dilution and succussion process. Homeopathic medicines are also prepared at higher potencies: M, LM and CM.

A correctly prescribed homeopathic medicine effectively ameliorates health problems: the symptoms that were produced by a homeopathic medicine in provings performed on healthy individuals are alleviated when the same medicine is prescribed to a sick person with similar symptoms. Homeopathic globules have been available in Slovenian pharmacies since 2011. Globules that are not registered in Slovenia are also available and may be ordered from pharmacies abroad.