29. October, 2020

Molluscum contagiosum is a skin disease,  caused by a virus with the same name. The papule emerging from the skin can be less than a millimeter to a few millimeters in size. Molluscum papules appear like moles that are umbilicated at the top. They may be skin colour or pearly pink.

The disease can be:

  • infectious in collectives,
  • disturbing by appearance,
  • causing unpleasant sensations.

Molluscum contagiosum is an infectious disease, contagious by direct (touch) or indirect contact (tools at gym, fitness, in bathrooms, etc.). Molluscum contagiosum also is classified among venereal diseases. The disease may last 1.5 – 5 years and may be self limiting. It may re-appear in 35% of patients after local suppressive treatment.

Molluscum papule may cause different unpleasant feelings, also itching. With scratching  the virus may spread from fingers by direct contact from one person to another or indirectly by different objects.

For the diagnosis additional diagnostic procedures are not necessary, a checkup with the general practitioner or family doctor is sufficient.

Generally, treatment can be anything from waiting and watching to relatively irritating topical OTC (over the counter) agents from pharmacies, therapy with liquid nitrogen freezing by dermatologists, etc. Such therapy may cause irritation or pain. In cases of widely affected tender skin areas freezing is usually done under anesthesia, followed by corticosteroid application. Topical treatment does not prevent local spreading in infected patients as it does not have the right effect on the immune system. It addition – it even tends to provoke dissemination of papules.  Discoloration and scars may remain as sequelae of topically treated areas.

A presentation of five consecutive patients with Molluscum contagiosum treated with individualised homeopathy was held at the European congress of  Homeopathy in Vienna in 2016 (http://www.homeopathycongress.eu/2016/).

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